Does my bath tub need refinishing?

If it has become difficult to keep clean or has stains then it is time for your tub to be refinished.

What about caulk around the tub/shower?

We will remove all worn caulk and re-caulk the tub/shower.

How do I clean my refinished bathtub/shower?

Avoid cleaners that have abrasives like Ajax or Comet; Soft Scrub even has a mild agent that will damage a newly finished tub/shower over time.

Can you fix cracks in fiberglass tubs/showers?

Yes, we actually specialize in fiberglass tub/shower repair. Most companies avoid repairing fiberglass tubs/showers because it's easy to crack the tub if you do not understand the correct way to correct the problem.

Can I have my bathtub, sink, and other bathroom appliances refinished in a color other than white?

Yes. We can do your refinishing in a variety of colors, like almond or bone. Additional fees may apply if other color chosen than white.

How long will the bathtub/shower refinish last?

With proper care and cleaning, our refinishing job will last for many years.

How long must I wait before using my tub/shower after it has been refinished?

After the tub refinishing process, you’ll need to wait just 12 hours before using the bathtub again.

Will the surface of my tub be slippery after it’s been re-glazed

The new finish on your bathtub is not any more slippery than the surface of a new acrylic bathtub.